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REMERE Sales : A fully secured sale with the option to buy back


Present by your side all over France, our network operates within a very strict legal framework, in complete safety.

Obviously, the repurchase is a matter for professionals. In addition, our customers met on their first visit to their home, have the assurance of consistency and a good understanding of the operation and to define together the conditions of intervention.

So this is the primary safety for our customers.

Rightly, the range of products has been developed to meet every need, short and long term cash flow, over-indebtedness…

After a precise and rapid study of each file, the network can intervene throughout the territory, and quickly allows its customers to have a cash line or to repay their debts, while retaining an exclusive and irrevocable option to buy back their good.

Realize the repurchase sale of your real estate in the best conditions.

In order to be able to borrow to exercise the redemption option, the spirit of our analysts is far beyond the reimbursement of liabilities. Our role is to ensure the real capacity of borrowers to clean up their accounts and ultimately benefit from the projected real estate financing.

One of the cases is to have time to get a better price when selling the property to a third party. Our analysts are very attentive to ensure that the transaction is part of the best conditions to complete the sale of the property.

A repurchase sale financed by institutional players

AREME CAPITAL wishes to give its letters of nobility to the repurchase sale with the option to buy. We wish to demonstrate that this transaction can be virtuous if the buyer is chosen with care.

Priority should be given to institutional investors who do not invest in the property they buy. Therefore, these investors do not need to take out credit to complete the transaction. This is why there will therefore be no condition precedent for obtaining credit during the deed at the notary.

The purpose of institutional funds is solely financial and not to acquire property to create a building stock.

This is why we have chosen close partnerships with several real estate companies, institutional investors, who have the same objectives as us, that is to say, the return of our customers to the ownership of their property or allow them to sell it. in the best conditions.

In just 2 months *, you find a healthy situation,

* average time taken to finalize our operations. * According to response times from the town hall for the DIA

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